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Welcome to my art store! My name is Silvia Lin. I live in Hong Kong. I start to paint 18 years ago. My father, who is a painter, taught me how to paint. I believe in harmony and love, parenthood and friendship, kindness and honesty… My paintings are an attempt to show you life the way I see it: vibrant, joyful, bold and magnificent...
I paint vigorously and happily, always leaving on the canvas my personal aura and an abundance of joy and positive energy.
My paintings and style are influenced by music, my sense of harmony and time. I can say that my paintings are my feelings on canvas.
I believe that the continuous dialogue between the viewer and the painting makes the art timeless. My goal is to create an opportunity for you to find various meanings in my painting. It can be an invitation for you to have a dialogue with my painting. Thank you for your interest in my original artwork!

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